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July Actioneer Meeting Recap

The Estill Action Group had our monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 8th. Upcoming Actioneer Adventures for the month include the Christmas in July Volleyball Tournament on July 25th at the American Legion. This tournament will be open to teams of 3-5 players, at the cost of $50 per team. All proceeds from tournament registration will go to the cities of Irvine & Ravenna for purchasing updated Christmas decorations. Registration will be from 10:00am-10:30am and the games will start at 11:00am. The tournament will be a double elimination, so all teams are guaranteed to play two games. Cornhole and other yard games will be availble to play during the tournament and entertainment will be provided at the Legion after the tournament. Food & drinks will be available to purchase. This will be such a fun way to spend your Saturday so we hope that you will make plans to join us!

After announcements were made, we delved into the Trail Towns project that the Estill Action Group is leading. All of the attendees of the meeting divided up into the 5 committee groups: Trail Route Advisory Committee, Merchant Committee, Volunteer Committee, Signage Committee and the Funding/Education/PR Committee. Each group discussed the objectives and what to expect within the process of becoming a Trail Town. To really streamline our efforts in this Trail Town project, we have decided to focus on five existing trails in our county: the trail between Fitchburg Furnace & Cottage Furnace (hiking), Lily Mountain Nature Preserve (hiking), Kentucky River trail (boating), the Quilt Trail (driving), and the trails of Hollerwood (ATV). Once we are established, we would love to add more trails to the list...we have so many, it's just a matter of getting them marked, mapped & marketed. The enthusiasm and energy we felt from the group members was awesome! Good conversations & ideas were discussed and we feel confident that we can complete this project if we all work together. This has the potential to be such a great thing for our beautiful Estill County and we are very excited to get going. We hope that you will consider joining us for our next meeting on August 5th, 2015 at the Extension Office--all of our committees are looking for more members, so there's a place for you no matter where your interest lies.

We hope you have a great (rest of) July and we will see you (hopefully!) at the Legion on the 25th! Oh, and don't forget to get out and #ExploreEstill!!

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